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If you want to reuse your older SD card that had been used for an earlier version of the Quorum Robot kit you will need to delete all partitions then reformat your SD card/ Why? When you first insert the micro SD card in the EV3 brick it resizes the FAT32 partition to be much smaller and creates a Linux file type  (ext2) that uses most of the space. That is where the programs and resources live. These partitions do not mount in Windows or Mac OS. I will be adding an article about how to do that soon.

Before we can run a Quorum program on a LEGO™ robot, we have to install a special kind of software called a "firmware." to accomplish this, we need to use the robot's expansion slot, which accepts a microSD card (just like many digital cameras and phones). Not all microSD cards are supported. You need one with the following characteristics:

Step 1: format your card. Give a name like LeJOS13. Once formatted Eject it from your computer. 

Step 2: is to install the lejOS firmware on the compatible formatted microSD card. Download the lejOS install files by clicking the following link. Download the LEGO™ Robotics Installation Kit for Quorum, version 1.3

Step 3: Locate the downloaded ZIP file. Is should be in your DOWNLOAD folder. Its Name will be "Robots 1.3.zip".

Step 4 Unzip the "Robots 1.3.zip" folder. I do this by pressing selecting the folder and pressing the right-click or pressing the application key and selecting the "Extract All" Menu choice. In the dialog box that appears, press the Extract Button.

Step 5. Now you should now have a new folder in your DOWNLOAD folder named "Robots 1.3" Open it and you will find a folder named "Robot." You need to open that folder too. It should contain the following items (or similar ones) directly:

  • lejos (folder)
  • System Volume Information (folder)
  • boot.scr
  • ejre-8u1-linux-arm-15_may_2015.tar.gz
  • hostname
  • lejosimage.bz2
  • netaddress
  • rootfs.cpio.gz
  • setup.scr
  • ulmage
  • version

LEJos File List

These are the files you need to copy to your micro SD card (named LeJOS13). Be sure to NOT copy the "robot" folder. 

Step 6. Copy the files and folders There are many ways to copy the folders and files on to the SD Card. You can Drag and Drop them. My favorite way is to select all the files with the Control-A and then Right-click on the selected files and use the SEND TO option to send them to the SD Card. 

Step 7. Eject and remove the SD card.

Step 8. Insert the micro SD card into the slot on the side of the EV3 robot.

Insert Micro SD card in the EV3

Step 9. Press the center button on the EV3 robot. The Process may take 10-15 minutes. 

What is happening?  The card is being repartitioned with a new 500mb Fat32 partition and a hidden Linux ext2 partition using the rest of the card. The ext2 partition is where the program you write will be loaded along with the resources needed to run those programs.  You will not be able to see the ext2 partition on a Macintosh or Windows computers unless you add some special software to your computers to do that. I will create a new article on where to find these free software patches and why you might want to do that. 

Step 10. The EV3 will reboot and start-up in LEJOS and you are ready to go.